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How can you configure your Cookies?

By browsing and continuing on our website you are consenting to the use of Cookies under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy. You as a user have the possibility of exercising your right to block, delete and reject the use of Cookies, at any time, by modifying the options of your browser. For example:

Microsoft Edge: Settings> Advanced Settings> Cookies.
Consult Microsoft support or the browser’s Help.

Mozilla Firefox: Tools> Options> Privacy> History> Custom Settings.
See Mozilla support or browser Help.

Google Chrome: Settings > Show advanced options > Privacy > Content settings.
See Google support or browser Help.

If you use another browser, consult its policy on the installation, use and blocking of cookies. However, using the tool, you can find useful information and configure, provider by provider, your cookie preferences.

Are there only cookies?

There may be websites that use other forms of storage similar to cookies but with more capacity, such as other forms of local storage of data on the customer’s computer, for example:

HTML5 LocalStorage and sessionStorage: Space that the website can use on the user’s computer. Normally by deleting the Browsing history they can be deleted.
Flash “Local Shared Objects” (Silverlight’s “isolated storage”): These are stored in the Microsoft folder where the user profile is located. You have to go into the folder and delete it. (Example: vimeo videos).
Flash is used to incorporate multimedia elements in a website, and for this purpose it stores files in the user’s computer.
The web beacon is used to track your activity, inserting a mini-image that you don’t even notice. When you browse the web, it loads along with the page, and the server from which the picture is downloaded records the time of access, or how many times you have accessed it.
These files are more intrusive than cookies, as they are more complicated to delete, store more information, and are independent of the browser used. We do not use this type of storage.